A note from the current Andro Prez:

Loyal website reader,

I’m not exactly sure what initially drew me to Androgyny, maybe just catching good vibes from all the group members during my audition process. I sang in an all male a cappella group in high school and thought I would probably continue on that path at Davidson. Although I think I could have been happy in Davidson’s all male group, to this day I’m still glad I opted for Androgyny and I continue to see that choice as a defining decision of my Davidson career. I’m not promising that you’ll find the same true for yourself, but I undoubtedly think that you will be at least more than satisfied with your decision to audition for any of the a cappella groups here on campus.

When I joined Androgyny in the beginning of my freshman year, I was immediately thrown right in the mix: singing my own parts, auditioning for solos, socializing over a rousing game of Kings etc… But what I’m trying to get at is that you will have a BIG impact on the group from day one, and I for one really love that about Androgyny. Unlike some other groups, Andro always has solos open for audition for anyone in the group regardless of class year or when you joined. So you can rest assured that you won’t be held back from demonstrating your presence and involvement in the group for very long (if at all). Androgyny has a strong presence on campus and we perform frequently throughout every semester: lots of smaller concerts for events around campus and the Charlotte area as well as a few of our own bigger concerts focused on showcasing our music. We also record professionally produced albums, usually on an every-other-year basis. Androgyny, as a group, is a lot of fun and I’m confident that we’ve got some great years ahead of us.


Patrick Morgan

President – Androgyny A Cappella


Some brief history:

Stepping Out…

As a Davidson student in 1998, Carrie Frazier felt the need for a co-ed a cappella singing group on campus. Drawing from her experiences with the school’s all-girls’ group, the Delilahs, she teamed up with roommate Julie Hwang and friend Yves Corbiere to form Androgyny. In her words, “we wanted to shake things up a bit… to see more range in both creative performance and sound.” The group’s first song in rehearsal was Happy Birthday, “just to see if we could make it sound good.” Over the years, this non-profit group of around fourteen members has become a school staple in entertainment and music.

Stepping Up…

With our first CD, Everything But the Piano, Androgyny established its place among the other campus a cappella groups. We were here to stay. Our second CD, The A Capocalypse, brought us to a new level of recognition while the third, A Class Act, put Androgyny in the studio with one of the top a cappella recording businesses in the South. The group is now set to release its fourth album at the end of April 2011. Producing high-quality sound bytes isn’t our only focus, though. Live performance remains the heart and soul of Androgyny and the group continually pursues concert opportunities both on the Davidson College campus and in the greater town of Davidson and Charlotte communities.


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