Where are they now?

Every year, Androgyny celebrates the graduation of its much-beloved seniors.  Each of these students has contributed countless hours and support to make the group what it is now. We welcome seeing and hearing from former Androgynites, so come back and visit!

Recent Grads…

Class of ’11

  • Dylan Coughtrey
  • Ellen Goodson
  • Nick Jennison
  • Maggie Mularz
  • Emma Templeton

Class of ’10

  • Chris Marsicano

    Trey Skinner '07 rocks out at the mic

  • Liz Wand
  • Jordi Baron

Class of ’09

  • Lyz Pfister
  • Melissa Gilkey

Class of ’08

  • Nora Goldberger
  • Sarah Allen
  • David Lebhar
  • Julie Grubbs
  • David McClay
  • Stephen Douglass

Class of ’07

  • Trey Skinner
  • Colin Smith
  • Jordan Kvanvig
  • Rachel Veto
  • Graham Ray
  • Megan LeDell
  • Lindsay DeCastrique
  • Ashley Raba

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